I swear, KyoAni was just like-

"Hey, do you remember how in episode 5 of the first season, we made shit hit the fan and everyone got all scared and panicked and some people cried? Well, now that we’re on episode 5 of the second season… Let’s do it again.

Sweet jesus that last text post I made is getting so many notes… I made it only fifteen minutes ago and it has how many notes? Sixteen? That’s more than any of my art has gotten… damn…

(EDIT: It is now up to 50 notes… that is more than all of my art combined. What have I done?

((EDIT: It has reached 100 notes. I have created a monster.

Okay, so here’s my one-two on the whole thing. I consider us to have won in a certain sense. Because we still successfully made a big fucking fool out of MTV. And its very clear that they were well aware of the fact. Despite being one of four finalists, they only gave us a 3 second mention (Maybe even shorter than that) literally just to say the name of the show and move on, while spending far longer mentioning shows that didn’t even make it to the finals. For all we know, we may actually have won- but wanting to avoid looking like fools, MTV may have actually rigged it, things like this have been known to of happened before. But we’ll never know.

Yet here’s why I think, in a sense, we won. We made it the finals- of all the shows we were up against, we made it to be one of four finalists. They can’t deny that fact. We made it that far, and that is a fact. And finally, as one of the finalists, even though it was for only three seconds, we were mentioned, we were shown. Gay swimming anime was broadcasted across the nation via MTV for three seconds. I think that’s enough.

I was bored as hell and so, instead of drawing today, because I didn’t feel like it, I instead decided to color something, since it doesn’t take a lot of effort or time, but it’d keep me busy. And I always end up doing this every summer, grabbing a random picture from a manga and coloring it…

I ended up choosing to color the cover image for the first chapter of Chronos -Deep-. Man, I loved that manga. Too bad the fandom consists of me… and me… and that’s it.


(It even has an attractive smug red-head oolala~)

But no really, if you haven’t read it, which I know you haven’t (no one has), please do so. I just want this thing to at least have fanart for it, please? Why do I always choose to like the unknown series…

Marching onwards…

I swear, I hope that if you can actually see the bottom picture that it isn’t ugly as all hell, because I can’t tell, I drew it basically blind. My computer has always had a problem with making colors waaay paler then they actually are. So I had to tilt my computer screen so far back that most of the colors were reversing and every single pixel looked like it was jiggling. And I still couldn’t see shit! So I can’t see this picture at all with my screen tilted back up to normal, I just see a big block of the faintest yellowy-peach. The picture’s supposed to be of Viti though, the boy with the lighting lungs. Bleh! Hopefully there’s no more super all-around pale palettes that have hardly any variation in color…

The palettes I’m using are from here.

Oh my gosh, its the anniversary of Thwomp-Night ! I’m so excited!

This is the greatest thing ever.

Continuing along on my palette adventure…

The palettes I’m using are from here.

I totally forgot that I had these stored away somewhere. Yeah, so back when those palette things were a super huge deal (Are they still a big deal? I don’t see them that much anymore) I really wanted to do one too, since I always like drawing my characters in weird colors, but I knew if I reblogged one, no one would send me anything. So instead I just started to slowly do them on my own whenever I was bored, using my randomizer to select one of my characters. I have a few more and will keep doing them, but I’m only going to upload them sparingly, and only two at a time.

The palettes I’m using are from here.

But really though, who woke up Mercury? That’s the second rule of space: Don’t ever wake up Mercury. (The first rule of space is don’t ask about, mention, or even look at Mars’ hands.)

On another question, while everyone else was giving very thoughtful and introspective answers, someone just answered with “Boring.”

1. That’s not a valid answer.

2. Fuck you.

At least I’m not giving some boring over used politically argumentative speech. God damn I hate people.

I had to give a survey in my public speaking class and am now going over the results in order to write a report about my findings. One of my questions stated very clearly “On a scale of one to ten” Give me your answer on a scale of one to ten. The answer I just received-


Alot is not a valid answer, I swear to god. This isn’t even half of the stupid answers I’ve received, and I haven’t even gone through half of the stack of fliers!

I’m losing all of my faith in humanity because of this