Today’s progress- The blue is what was already done, red is what I did today, and green is the extra segment.

I technically didn’t even finish a single panel today, but the background for the next two panels is exactly the same (I haven’t been reusing backgrounds… new angles for everything!) , and I finished that today and drew out the rough sketch of the poses, so I’m 75% done with the first panel and 50% done with the second panel. So I just counted the progress as if I completed the first panel but did nothing for the second panel.

I’d do more tonight, since it’s still early, but I’m super tired, I had to get up early this morning and was feeling anxious all day and couldn’t stay still, so I went for a three hour walk around my college today around noon and it was blazing hot outside, and I have massive problems with dehydration because I tend to not feel thirsty even when I’m practically dying, I actually have passed out once from this, so I have to constantly try to remind myself that I’m probably thirsty and go get something to drink. I do not have a good memory. I never drank anything today besides when I woke up and about an hour ago, so that zapped my energy a bunch. Needless to say, I’m wiped out.

Every time I think of Grievance and Koara interacting, these come to mind.

Koara was born today in Tomodachi Life, and so begins the story of Grievance being a terrible father.

Alternate ending includes Grievance hold Koara over his head and preparing to chuck him like a football while saying “Plushie, go long.”

I present to you- the second tiniest cats I have ever drawn

And the tiniest cats I have ever drawn

Let’s see if I’ll be required to draw even tinier cats

Oh thank gosh, I was so freaked. I read somewhere else that depending on how many people live in the island, the number goes down or something like that. But you’re the tomodachi expert! Thank you!

I am so upset right now! In my Tomodachi Life, Sisco and Amymalt wanted another kid, so I decided sure why not, but since they weren’t a canon child, I’d have them become a traveler. So their new daughter Flouri was born. After a little bit though, I began to get really attached to her and designed what she would look like if she was canon.

So I decided that you know what, I wanna keep her. It doesn’t matter that she’s not canon, she’s staying on the island. So just now, she grew up and I got to decide if she wanted to stay or not. Since I’d never had a kid leave the island yet, I wanted to go through the process of sending her off.

I was dumb enough not to google search it before hand. I google search everything else, but not that. So I sent her off… And if fucking autosaved. Tomodachi has never autosaved before! How the fuck was I supposed to know!? I shut the game off while it was still saving because I was in a panic, and when I turned it back on, she was already gone…

Rest in fucking pieces Flouri.

(Hopefully they’ll want to have another kid and I can have Flouri V2. Can they have a third kid???)

The red is what I’ve finished and the green is the bonus. I’m not even a quarter of the way through the main part…

I’m going to spend the rest of my life drawing this.

Rainy cityscape? More like chop my goddamn hand off.

So if I count all of the actions that are expected to happen in this comic I’m drawing, that makes approximately 65 panels, with the bonus section that I reallly want to add into as well that adds on an extra 44 panels or so- a total of about 109 panels. I can draw about five a day on friday-sunday  and probably only two or three a day on monday-thursday and I have already drawn seven.

So that’s going to be about … four weeks. Four weeks in the best case scenario.

To draw a shitty comic…

I’m going to die- someone punch me in the face and stop me from doing this.

Man, it feels like forever since I updated this. I had the drawing of Pace done for a month now, but just really didn’t want to work on the one with Ice for some reason. So I finally sucked it up last night and finished it- even though I’m not too happy with the results. I still really like Pace’s though, he came out cute as fuck.

The palettes I’m using are from here.